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A driving instructor is not just a job, it is a vocation that offers years of extraordinary job satisfaction, alongside the chance to meet new people on a daily basis, and help change and improve their lives.

As a family run business and having been established since 1976 we consider ourselves to be the experts. So why not train with Mutual Driving School Ltd and become a Qualified Driving Instructor (ADI) to take charge of your career, be your own boss with realistic earnings of around £800+ per week.


We offer the most comprehensive Payment Plan Available


At Mutual Driving School Ltd we offer a ‘pay as you go’ payment plan where you can quite simply, pay as you train with no large payments taken upfront. The cost of your training is paid on an hourly basis charged at £40 per hour. An initial deposit of £250 is paid at the beginning of your course to secure your placement with us and then everything thereafter is paid on a Pay as you Go basis. (Your initial deposit will go towards your training costs or can be refunded at the end of your course).


Almost all other training establishments will require large sums of money to be paid before your training commences, sometimes as much as £3000. Once you have made payment upfront, you are now financially committed and if the training doesn’t meet the standard required to pass, or you feel the course is not for you, you are now financially committed with no option of any refund. Most potential driving instructors (PDI) now prefer the option of ‘pay as you go’ which is operated exclusively by Mutual Driving School Ltd.


We are not just a driving instructor training centre. We are a family run driving school that was established back in 1976 with the owner still playing a major role in the day to day running of the business. His pride and passion to make this a success has not changed since the day he first opened for business some four decades ago, and then with just one driving instructor. The business quickly grew, as did its reputation and found itself rising to the top of its field, and in a very short space of time it has outgrown many of its competitors. Our first time pass rate on all parts of the qualifying process is over 98% of all trainees pass first time. We use only the best, fully qualified driving instructor trainers to enable us to achieve this success. We have the experience you need and have been involved in driving instructor training since 1976, over 44 years.


Our experience will be your success



Why choose us for your trianing?


  • Start your Training with a small deposit of £250
  • Pay As You Go! Pay for your training on a hourly basis, rather than large sums of money upfront. (Price subject to change)
  • Over 40 years experience training potential driving instructors (PDI’s).
  • Expert training with an experienced and fully qualified driving instructors.
  • Flexible training times – Tailored around your current work and family commitments.
  • Guaranteed driving school franchise with Mutual Driving School Ltd at the end of your training (subject to availability)
  • Realistic earnings of around £800 + per week


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