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“I was recommended to Mutual by a friend, and I am so glad I chose to learn with them. I was with a different driving school before. Mutual were more than happy to find an instructor with them. I couldn’t ask for a better instructor. He is understanding, patient and very well balanced at being able to get along with you and have a laugh but also to be strict enough with you to tell you when you are wrong. I couldn’t have been happier with Mutual.”

Iqbal Uddin (Poplar)


“After taking lessons with two other driving schools in east london and having experienced problems with both these schools, I can honestly say I wish I had gone straight to Mutual. They are very professional and polite people and sorted my test out for me no problem. My instructor was always on time and I found that I learnt a lot more than I had done at either of the other schools. I would recommend anyone who is looking to take driving lessons in east london to go to Mutual first.”

Kjartan Kristiansson (Stepney Green)


“Good afternoon Sam, Had my driving lesson with Daniel this morning. It went really well, Daniel was great. Made me feel really comfortable and relaxed. I am looking forward to continuing my lessons with him. Thanks for all your help also. Many thanks Simone Louise Brown-Taylor (BA Hons) iPhone ”

Louise Brown Talor (east london)


“I would happily recommend Mutual to anyone. My instructor was patient and informative whilst being friendly and easy to get along with which meant that I looked forward to every lesson. I was prepared well for my test and any problems I had were picked up on quickly and ironed out quickly and easily.”

Tom Warden (Leyton)


“I passed my driving test yesterday! All Thanks to my wonderful instructor Dave. He was very patient with me and never made me nervous. I enjoyed every lesson with Dave. we went over my weak points, and eight lessons later I passed (first time). I would highly recommend Dave from Mutual Driving School. I would like to thank mutual driving school for all their help. ”

Theresa Jules (poplar)


“I wanted to say a big thank you to Les for helping build my confidence again and teaching me to drive in a calm and laid back way. I never felt criticised or bullied and his calm manner helped me concentrate and not feel uneasy about what I was doing. I believe that if you lack confidence or would prefer to be taught by someone very calm and easy going, then Les is the answer! I failed 2 tests 10 years ago, but recently learnt again with Les for two a half months and just passed my test this morning with only 2 minor faults.”

Emily McLean-Inglis (London)


“I was recommended to Mutual by two friends and I am so glad that I decided to give them a chance. I was with a few previous driving schools who did not give me the confidence that Mutual did to be able to take my test. I would like to thank Les in particular because he was an amazing driving instructor. He made my lessons enjoyable which helped me to learn quicker and he was so patient with me as I am a moany student. He allowed me to have my lessons at early o’clock so that I could fit it in before work and he made me feel comfortable and relaxed in every lesson which allowed me to discuss any faults that I felt I had with my driving with him. Sorry you couldn’t be there Les to see me PASS but your replacement Naadira was an equally amazing driving instructor who knew all the right things to say and give out little tips to someone panicking before their test. I would 100% recommend Mutual to everyone who needs driving lessons as you are an amazing driving school who puts your students and their needs first. ”

Nurelle Julien (Hackney)


“Hi Sam & the entire Mutual Driving School Team, I just want to say thank you, I had my test this morning & I pass! I’ve enjoyed being one of your students and now I’m looking forward driving because of you guys. Thanks Sam, I remember the first time I can to see you about driving lesson, and as soon as get time I’ll pop round to thank you personally. Graham, I don’t think we’ve met personally but I appreciate the calls and you looking after me. Please thank Nicky for me too, he gave me the first few lessons. I personally want to acknowledge my appreciation to Nathan especially. Nathan has been teaching me how to drive a cars, how to be safe on the road, rules of the road, and passing the test has proven to be a formality and letting someone else be the judge of the skill I’ve learnt from him. He’s been very patient with me, which has helped me a lot especially when I start panicking for a silly mistake I made. All the things he’s been teaching just happen to be the standard of a good drive and I hope to be as good a driver someday. Thanks again By the way you haven’t heard the last of me yet, I have Pass Plus Program with Nathan, starting next Thursday. Alex Chileshe | IT & Network Analyst ”

Alex Chileshe


“I have been taking lessons with Mutual Driving School, my instructor was Naadira. She was always very patient, honest with me and encouraged me to correct my mistakes. Now I am very pleased to say that I have passed my practical test, first time around since taking lessons with Naadira. I would definitely recommend her to a friend! In the past, I have had male instructors and I have failed my practical test 3 times – this just goes to show that women can be good driving instructors and good drivers! ”

Aliz Bocskor (East London)


“I just passed my driving test yesterday! Thanks for my wonderful instructor Clifford Smith. He was very patient with me and never made me unnecessarily nervous. We worked on my weak areas by following clear and simple rules. I highly recommend Mutual Driving School! ”

Abish Khan (London)


“Dear Sam and Mutual Big thanks to my instructor Naadira for helping me to pass my driving test. She has been very patient throughout and has helped to build up my confidence and also passed on some good driving tips which I am sure will help me in my future driving!”

Lomei Stratford


“After just returning from my first test and passing!! I would like to say a massive thank you to Mutual Driving School!! I have been learning to drive with my instructor Cliff, who has been so supportive and friendly. He has been great at teaching me and preparing me for my test. Mutual Driving School are very helpful both on the road & in the office especially if you are trying to fit in lessons around a busy work and personal lifestyle. I would definitely recommend the driving school and my wonderful instructor Cliff. I will definitely be looking into taking their pass plus course in the near future!! Once again thank you for all your help!! Naomi”

Naomi Siobhan Adekimi – Hackney London


“I recently took lessons with Mutual Driving School. The office staff and instructors were very kind and helpful. I would highly recommend Mutual Driving School to anyone that wants to learn to drive as they are brilliant, my instructor was highly trained and made my lessons fun and easy to understand. I went from no driving experience at all to passing my test first time within a few months. Thanks to all the staff at Mutual for all your help and making my time with you enjoyable.”

Jodie Markham Hackney


“A big thank you to everyone at mutual, I passed today and couldn�t of done it without Les and Jimmy for teaching me so well even when I was as nervous as hell, would recommend you to anyone who is looking for lessons, once again a very big thank you.”

karla oneill homerton


“Daniel, my instructor, was simply amazing! He was very patient and gave me the confidence I needed to pass my test. Daniel provides a fantastic learning environment and goes above and beyond to ensure that his students are well prepared for the test. He truly is a great asset to Mutual and would highly recommend him. Once again, thank you very much for all that you did to help me pass the dreaded test.”

Bini (London)


“I can’t really express my thanks to Russell and others at Mutual Driving School. I passed my driving test the first attempt yesterday. I started learning with another driving school. The instructor there was good but impatient and was not very flexible with the time and place of lessons. I was suggested to go and try Mutual by a friend of mine, after I gave up driving convinced I was not cut for it. Passing the Driving test, meant a lot more than just securing a license. It meant I got over a mental block. I had a driving phobia, anxiety and problems with spatial orientation. Russell was very patient and helped me take one step at a time. He even let me explore manoeuvres my way and corrected them where required. I had a chance to learn with other instructors Dave and Chris. Sam is always a phone call away for any help. Everyone at the school are very good. I highly recommend learning with Mutual. I assure you would agree they are prompt, polite, friendly and very good at what they do. They would surely make your dream to drive come true. I suggest each one to trust the instructor and follow their instruction. ”

Meera San (Isle of Dogs)


“I came across Mutual Driving school by complete accident last summer and after a failed attempt to get hold of them, I received a call back immediately to inquire on what I was looking for. Dave, who was to be my future instructor, was incredibly helpful in determining my driving level and setting out a plan to pass my test within the next couple of months. What I would praise the most is Mutual’s flexibility regarding lesson times, or pick-up and drop off points. I changed both address and jobs right in the middle of my planned lessons! Dave was great on the day of the test, having simply succeeded in painlessly preparing me for what the test instructor would require of me. Thanks to Mutual!”

Chloe McWeeny (London)


“I’m so so grateful to Dave of Mutual Driving School for getting me ready well enough for my practical test..Mutual driving School is a really great driving school… FIRST TIME RIGHT!!! ”

Jackie Achampong (East London)


“Just passed my test this morning (First time!). I really ant to say thank you to my instructor, Dave. I felt I was really supported and encouraged throughout the classes. Even enjoyed the torturous corner reversing in the end!! Also very grateful to the rest of the Mutual team for being accommodating with schedules and my last minute test booking. Best!! L.”

Leilah Gordon-Bates (Limehouse)


“I would and will recommend this school to everyone! I passed on my first attempt, with only three minor faults. The guys at mutual really went above and beyond to work around any busy schedule I had. My instructor Dave was really knowledgable and always friendly. He made sure I was completely prepared and comfortable for my test. I would also like to say thanks to Sam, who also managed to give me additional lessons on the week of my test! Great guys and great driving school! ”

Noel McMonagle (London)


“Passed my test first time , thanks to my instructor Nathan who gave me so many tips and it was so helpful to pass my test. I would really recommend this School. Thanks Nathan , you are awsome mate !!!!! ”

Danielle (London)


“I’m so thankful to Cliff for passing my driving test first time yesterday. He was so patient with me and took me through everything very thoroughly and patiently. Couldn’t have asked for a better instructor! I knew what to expect from the test where I could trip up and Cliff gave me great tips to stay calm through the process as well. I’d highly recommend Cliff as an instructor and Mutual as a driving school if you’re looking to learn To drive and want to pass your test first time I’d recommend going with mutual and cliff all the way!!!!”

Kunal Katre (Wapping)


“Pass my driving test first time with Dave at Barking! Thank you very much for your patience and for teaching me to be a safe driver! ”

Edmond Bancsiko (london)


“I just passed my driving practical today, thanks to dave. Great instructor would recommend mutual driving to anyone.”

Kostas stepanovas (East london)


“Im 36 years old now and had failed my test twice with other schools already,i almost give up hope but life,work,family,and life in general called for me to drive ever more. A good friend put me on to mutual driving school where I was pared up with the the instructor named cliff,who trust me is second to none,patient,caring and understanding,Im very nervous around tests and he got me through my test with just 2 minors!! Of course i would recommend Mutual and cliff to anyone,i recommend you see for your self…I cant thank cliff enough for literally helping me to change my life. Thanks cliff I’ll never forget you for all your help. Ricky Herbert.”

Ricky Herbert (Poplar)


“A brilliant driving school but truely couldnt of done it without my driving instructor cliffard a amazing instuctor very polite and helpful. All the best to everyone who takes test. Highly recoment cliffard as a instructor knows what his doing xxxx”

Deanne cuthbert (Bow)


“I just passed my test after having taking lessons with with Jimmy. Jimmy is very good instructor. He is very clear in his instructions and gives very good and clear advices. He also has a very good carracter and lessons with him are a pleasure. Thanks again to mutual and mostly to Jimmy!!”

Corentin Rordorf (London)


“I just passed my test after having taken lessons with with Jimmy. Jimmy is a very good instructor. He is clear in his instructions and gives very good and insightful advices. He also has a very good carracter and lessons with him are a pleasure. Thanks again to mutual and mostly to Jimmy!!”

Corentin Rordorf (London)


“Thanks very much MDS, and Dave in particular,for helping me to pass my driving test first time! I found MDS by googling East London driving schools and went for them based on the great reviews. Have to say, they weren’t wrong! Everyone I spoke to in the office has been pleasant and professional. And Dave has been a great instructor. Very clear, patient and calm when I wasn’t! A decent bloke to spend an hour with every week :-)”

Sinead Davoren (Bow)


“just like to say big thank you to clifford at mutual. brilliant instructor…made me feel very relaxed. office staff are very helpful and accomodating. many thanks for your help in getting me to pass first time(with only 1 minor i might add!)”

ian (bow)


“Just want to say thank you to my instructor Clifford. He prepared me really well for my test, and always been professional and patient. I have passed at first time with two minors. Thank you to all staff of the Mutual school. Two of my friends already taken your details from my recommendation. Regards. Inna”

Inna Noor (Poplar)


“A very good driving school, special thanks to my instructor Dave who helped me pass the test 1st time. Dave is very punctual, professional and highly experienced – with all the patience in the world. Thanks a lot Dave and Mutual Driving School. ”

Syed Kabir (Bethnal Green )


“I passed my test today, first time, and I am actually a bit sad that my lessons are now over! I might do Pass Plus just for fun! Jimmy was delightful; always calm, reassuring and occasionally quite funny. I really enjoyed my lessons and I would recommend Jimmy and Mutual to anyone. Massive thank you to Jimmy for making me look forward to my lessons every week (and, of course, teaching me to drive)!”

Antonia (Bow)


“Just passed my driving test on the first try yesterday and owe it all to my brilliant instructor Dave from Mutual. I hadn’t driven in 15 years and Dave got me confident and skilled enough to pass my test after just 15 lessons (over about 4 months). Not only that, he was friendly but firm when I needed it, and by the end of our time together, I felt like if I didn’t pass I would be letting us both down! But I did and am a little sad to see our lessons coming to an end… Might have to do a refresher sometime :)”

Jen Painter (London (Hoxton))


“After I was disappointed with my first driving instructor, I approached Mutual Driving School. The people working there are nice, professional and supportive. My instructor, Clifford went through all my mistakes so patiently and thought me the best possible driving. I also had a couple of sessions with Russell whom I learned lots of details of driving.I highly recommend this school and I believe this is the value for money, you will learn a lot.”



“I had Dave as my instructor after a recommendation from a friend and I was very pleased with the results. Dave is patient, highly experienced, knowledgeable and an all around professional. He knows what he is doing and pays attention to your driving. With Dave I feel you get the best results fast and become a good driver well capable for passing your test. If you want to pass your test go with Mutual Driving School. ”

Jonathan Pioli (Poplar)


“Had a great experience. With Mutual Driving School. They really helped me to drive the best possible way and enabled me to pass quickly. In comparison to other driving instructors mutual beats it by far. Big shout out to Dave my driving instructor who has given me a lot of confidence on the road. Would 100% recommend to everyone”

Frazer keane (Canary Wharf )


“I passed my test first time today thanks to mutual and my driving instructor clifford who was very helpful and kind, I would thoroughly recommend both clifford and mutual driving school as they are a fantastic company. Thanks mutual. Chris oswick.”

Chris oswick (London)


“Today (17/03/2017) I pass my driving test and my instructor was Dave. I started my driving classes mid January 2016 after following a few lesson from another driving school which they were not supportive at all. Dave is a tough instructor and he ensure you go through the motions of your driving lessons. I’ve learn a lot from him and the school was very helpful. I recommend Dave if you want to pass your driving test. ”

Roy Aglae (Stratford)


“Today i passed my driving test first time and i just want to thank my instructor David he is a great instructer and also a nice friendly guy which is very important who has a vast wealth of experience which helped me from a complete beginner to passing my test, instructors like this must be a credit to Mutual driving school and would highly recommend them for this reason i have tried RED , BSM but doesnt compare with mutual thanks guy for all you help. ”

paul price (london)


“Over my three years of university I worked with a number of instructors at Mutual, every one of whom was excellent. They all were quickly able to pinpoint what I needed to work on and help me target it, but the most valuable thing was having instructors ready to laugh and joke rather than the technical lessons I had had at other schools. They are flexible with lessons and remember you personally making it easier to track your progress – it took me two tests but they never let me be discouraged. Management is also excellent I recommend them completely. ”

Omer Hamid (Mile End)


“Just want to say that Dave of mutual was a great instructor, he explained everything in easy terms and put me at ease straight away, his teaching was the most effective I’ve had and as a result I passed today so cheers Dave, and all at mutual. Def recommend you, thanx again, Robert”

Robert (Bow london)


“Well It Does Not Get Better Than This, My Man “Nicky” Top Instructor, First Time I Went With Him And Passed, It’s Not About How You Drive It’s All About Your Attitude Whilst Driving That Gets You A Pass Result, Anyway I Would Highly Recommend People Taking Lessons To Start Now & You’ll See The Results In The End. Mutual Driving School Is One Of The Best Driving School Around, 37 Years In The Business, Does Not Get Any Better. My Instructor Was & Will Be The Best Driver Out There From My Experience, Those Funny Lessons I Will Never Forget. Thank You (NICKY)”

Ujjol hussain (East London)


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“Had a good experience with mutual I would recommend Clifford to anybody wanting to learn, he helped me pass 1st time with only 2 minors, was always on time and overall was a good instructor would recommend to anybody A+”

Jake marchant (E1)


“As a driver from another country I had to break loads of bad habits and rise my driving to the UK standard in order to pass. Naadira was the perfect instructor to help me achieve that for me, big thanks to her and to Mutual for making possible for me to pass my test on my first try with just 3 minor faults, right in the middle of a stomach bug, it was an epic win! Naadira filled me with not only tips to pass my test but also made me a better, safer and more confident driver! Would recommend you with my eyes closed!”

Dave (Poplar)


“Thanks mutual!! I passed my test today first attempt!! I had previously taken few lessons with another driving school but because they kept changing the cars I couldn’t get used to one car so I decided to go with mutual as I had seen the cars around east london. I got a call back from them immediately after my request of booking a lesson and they very flexible with timings. My instructor Dave is an excellent instructor!! He’s very helpful, very patient I don’t think I could’ve got a better instructor!! ”

Laila Haq (London)


“I would like to say thank you to Dave from mutual and to the school, wish i had come to use guys first, thank you i got my license :D”

Richard Day (London)


“I would like to thank Cliff my Driving Instructor in helping me with my driving and passing my test first time. I am in my 40’s so probably took longer to learn than others but Cliff was very patient with me which is what I needed. I passed my test on 18th June with only 2 Minors. I was really surprised but Cliff helped me so I guess I shouldn’t have been too shocked. All the staff in the office are really fantastic, friendly and helpful. Both me and my daughter have both passed 1st time with Mutual so I would definitely guarantee them to all ages. Thank You Mutual. You’re The Best ??????????”

Sylvia Macgregor (Hackney )


“My experience with mutual driving school was amazing. The teaching standards were excellent and their professionalism was outstanding. My driving instructor (Clifford) was very friendly and had exceptional driving knowledge. His passion for driving was clearly showed through his teachings. I passed first time with Clifford, only receiving 1 minor and I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to get the best learning experience possible. Thank you Mutual driving school ”

Andre (Bow)


“I would just like to say a really big thank you to my wonderful instructor Cliff who has been teaching me to drive since last October and I finally passed my test yesterday and words cannot express how happy and relieved I am. Cliff has always encouraged me to continue learning when I wanted to give up and was always very patient with me when times got tough and I would sulk. He continued to believe in me when I didn’t believe in myself and for that I am so thankful. I have recommended him to both my cousin and my brother who are now being taught by him. Cliff, words cant express how grateful I am for your support and I am going to miss my driving lessons with you on a Saturday morning. All the best, Dilly. ”

Clariss Irwin (Limehouse)


“Passed my test with Clifford, really calm and laid back instructor who allowed me to stay calm and confident ”

“I enrolled at mutual to learn to drive and after a chat with the guys in the office about what we needed from each other I was teamed up with an instructor that best suited my ability. I found my instructor to be very pleasant helpful and patient . After a few lessons I gained confidence and felt I was able to go ahead and take my test and I passed . I put this down to the tuition and professionalism of my instructor . Thank you mutual I could, not have managed it without you.”

Robin Summerson (poplar)


“Appreciate you sharing, great blog post.Thanks Again. Really Cool. fcbeakckkbkagcbg”



“I enrolled at mutual to learn to drive and after a chat with the guys in the office about what we needed from each other I was teamed up with an instructor that best suited my ability. I found my instructor to be very pleasant helpful and patient . After a few lessons I gained confidence and felt I was able to go ahead and take my test and I passed . I put this down to the tuition and professionalism of my instructor . Thank you mutual I could, nt have managedit without you”

Robin Summerson (poplar)


“Massive thanks to Jimmy and Mutual as i passed today first time. The lessons was entertaining but also very knowledgeable. Recommended to my friends already. Will be back for the pass plus in a few months!”

Connor Falcus (Isle Of Dogs)


“Great driving school for new learners or anyone who needs brushing up on their driving. Was recommended Clifford as a tutor by a friend. Cliff was always helpful, reliable and encouraging throughout my lessons. Before test day I was making a lot of silly mistakes but was over the moon to pass my test with 1 minor! Thank you Cliff and Mutual! And keep up the excellent work!”

Anas (East London)


“I recently passed my Driving Test first time with only 5 minors and would like to thank Cliff for being a patient and helpful instructor. I highly recommend Cliff for anyone looking for a calm and reliable driving instructor. On the day of test Cliff was fantastic because he made me very relaxed and thanks to his help I felt I was ready to take my test.”

Christopher Smith (Chingford)


“I have just passed my driving test with Mutual this morning. Clifford Smith was a fantastic tutor. He is very friendly and easy going and picked up on any little mistakes that I made (and the big ones too!) to ensure I corrected them as I practiced. This helped me to pass my test with only three minors. I would strongly recommend him to anybody looking for a driving instructor. Thanks Clifford.”

Charlie Howard (Homerton, London)


“Just passed my driving test today with great help, tutoring and advice from Cliff. I have been impressed with Mutual Driving School with their quality of instructors, organisation, reliability and what they offer as a whole. Got recommended Mutual Driving School by a friend and just wish i went to them earlier. I will be recommending Mutual Driving School to all my friends and colleague and once again want to say a big thanks to Cliff and Mutual :)”

Shuhel Ahmed (East London)


“After some trial and errors, I finally got my driving license on the 4th of December. I could never have achieve this without the help of the Mutual Driving School, and especially my Instructor, Cliff. They all offer great lessons for your money’s worth, and provides plenty of experience to get you ready for the road. I would highly recommend this for anybody who would wish to learn. This is indeed an early Christmas present for me. Happy holidays to you all!”



“I would like to leave a brief feedback about my pleasant experience with Mutual Driving School in Bow. I never drove before and felt a little nervous at start. The instructor – Peter – was excellent in helping me overcome this initial fear. His experience and patience made me always look forward to my next lesson. Peter was also very flexible with early morning, evening or weekend lessons so even though I worked full-time I was able to progress at my desired speed. Many other driving schools use discounted blocks of lessons as a tool to attract (tie up) learners. Mutual Driving School is so confident in keeping their learners that they don�t need to resort to this practice. They even offer discounted lessons at the very start with flexible cancellation. I would highly recommend their driving school to anyone living in East London area. Marian”

Marian P (East London)


“I have been with Mutual since January. I was a complete beginner to driving and from the 1st email down to the last lesson, I was looked after incredibly well. It’s no shock to me that with outstanding tuition from my instructor Nathan I was able to pass my test 1st time yesterday. I am over the moon and would recommend Mutual to anyone without a second thought! Thanks for everything Nathan! ”

Lorraine Ofori (Silvertown)


“I�ve had a really good experience learning to drive with Mutual, and I passed first time! My instructor Cliff taught me to be a confident and safe driver as well as preparation for the test. I would be happy to recommend Mutual Driving School. ”

Chloe C (Hackney)


“I had a good experience with mutual. loved my instructor Nadira she was the best, always came on time without any hassle. I ended up passing swiftly with zero minors. you should pick mutual as they are very professional and motivating. ”

Rohima Khatun (bow )


“I would like to thank Mutual for helping me pass my test. They try to make you a good driver rather than just prepare you for the test, so no cutting corners on safety. Clifford is a super patient and friendly instructor. Sam is demanding, honest and fun which takes approximately 2 hours to get used to but after that will never be bored with him :-). I hope the school is still around when my kids are ready to drive. Big big thank you! Xx”

Olesya (London Whitechapel)


“I’m very pleased to say I passed my Driving test with Mutual this Wednesday!!! Dave was my instuctor an I couldn’t have asked for a better instuctor, I only had 10 hrs all in all with him and passed first time with only 6 minors!! His a stand up guy, very friendly an knows his stuff. Im recommending Dave to my little sister as I know for sure she’ll pass in record time ; ) Also Dave was always downstairs 5mins before my lesson and never cancelled on me. Thank you Mutual and Thank you Dave your a top guy : ) ”

Chantelle Small (London)


“I started taking my lessons with mutual driving school on November 2014 and i would recommend them to anyone who wants to pass their driving test. It took me up to 20 lessons to pass my test with mutual driving school, thanks to my great instructor (Peter). I learned alot from Peter not only how to drive but making correct decisions, road safety and awareness, also helped me to stay calm in a situation and felt relaxed with Peter, hes a great instructor and a good man who helped me pass my test in four people take note. Thank you”

Boyd caley (Stepney)


“Just recently passed 1st time with Dave as my instructor and couldn’t have asked for a better one. Throughout my lessons he was always patient, helpful, honest about my ability and gave me the the confidence to get through my test. I would thoroughly recommend Dave and Mutual driving school to anyone who wants to pass 1st time! Errol.. another satisfied customer. ”

Errol Burton (London East)


“Im very pleased to say i passed my driving test. Mutual was very helpful. The instructor was very helpful and supportive. Would definitely recommend them to all new & learning drivers. ”



“Mutual driving school are the best of them all. My instructor was Russell and i can say they are very patient and very professional yet fun, I passed after 3 attempts and i could not have done it without Russell and mutual ????”



“Highly recommend mutual, Cliff my instructor was top notch, passed 1st time, great instructor very easy to get on with, thanks Cliff and mutual for a job very well done”

James stock (Bethnal green)


“I just want to say a massive thank you to everyone at Mutual, I finally passed my driving test today and feel like a weight has been lifted. I started my lessons last October with Clifford he’s a brilliant instructor and considering I had no previous experience with driving I managed to pick up the techniques quite quickly with the help and expertise that Cliff has to offer, along with being very patient and friendly. I previously failed 3 attempts at my driving practical test (no fault of mutuals) and become to think that I wouldn’t have a chance in passing! I decided to re book after my 3rd failed attempt as i wasn’t ready to give up just yet! My test was booked Cliff was due to be away on my test day so Sam kindly stepped in. I had 2 lessons with Sam before my test and he’s no nonsense attitude kicked me in to touch which is just what I needed as I kept dwelling on the past and putting myself up for failure, we wiped the slate clean and ripped up my failed test papers and went to barking with a new improved attitude feeling confident enough to pass this time round! I feel very privileged to have passed with mutual driving school, and would recommend the school to anyone looking to take up driving lessons! I would personally recommend instructors Cliff and Sam there both great instructors with much needed knowledge and experience to share with students. Thank you once again for everything! ”

Lauren Ball (Poplar )


“Recently passed my driving test with Nathan and Mutual. Very helpful and knowledgable with years of experience and a nice person to go with it. Really affordable and willing to work around my work schedule which isn’t easy but Mutual were more then happy to help get me through. Definitely recommended them and keep up the good work. ”

Jonathan Stewart (Bethnal Green )


“After taking lessons with 4 other driving schools and failing 1 test I decided to change to mutual driving school. I felt like I had learned more in 1 lesson with Sam then I did with the 30 odd lessons that I had taken with other driving schools. I just regret that I didn’t use mutual in the first place. I highly recommend! & A big thanks to Sam! ”

Lee (Isle of Dogs )


“I would like to say a massive thank you to all instructor’s at Mutual driving school in helping me prepare and pass my driving test today at Barking. my driving instructor Clifford was a excellent instructor and would recommend him to any new learner. i was making many mistakes leading up to the exam, however as Clifford is a very knowledgeable instructor i was able to use all his advice when it counted and i got through my test with a great pass of 4 minors, i could not have passed without Cliff and Mutual being there every step of the way and i am very glad i chose this school to become a driver, I would be very interested in doing the pass plus scheme, many thanks Mutual 🙂 🙂 ”

Christina Dunn (London (east))


“I had my driving lessons with peter at mutual and I found him to be very good and would strongly recommend him and mutual to anyone wanting to pass their driving test.”

george hutchin (london)


“I had a very good experience with my driving lessons. Although I think there are areas that Mutual Driving can do better, but the overall experience was great. My instructor, Clifford is the best. He was advised by a friend, and I believe Cliff is the best instructor. He is very friendly, as well as being professional and gives excellent tips for driving. I strongly recommend him, if you want to have a good experience without stress.”

Soran Seyedi (London)


“I passed my test today at barking test centre. My driving instructor was Clifford and he taught me everything I needed to know. I passed first time and I would highly recommend mutuals driving school. Good, Honest, reliable driving instructors. Thanks again ”

emily dennington (London )


“I highly recommend mutual driving school. I had Clifford as my instructor and he made me feel very comfortable and confident in driving!! Clifford is very nice and patient and thanks to him I passed first time! Thanks again Clifford!!”

Lonchanty (Canning town)


“Sat my test today and passed with 0 faults. Mutual overall have been very supportive in regards to helping me achieve my goal with in driving. However, a very BIG and special thanks to Clifford, who taught me perfectly. I cant put a floor in Cliffords teaching style and he has worked wonders with me and helping me pass my test. Thanks again! ”

Callum White (Limehouse)


“Very good experience having lessons with my instructor Dave. Passed my test and couldn’t be more grateful. Thank you very much. Ash.”

Ash Murray (Bethnal Green)


“My experience with this driving school has been a pleasant memory of learning and due to dave, my instructors experience and patience I have achieved my goal. I cannot be more thankful for him pushing me, motivating me, building my confidence and helping me to gain something that will make a difference to my life.. I would highly recommend this man he does not waste any time.”

Mustafa Rahmani (Canning Town)


“For years I was looking for a good driving school/instructor and in total I’ve had at least 7 different instructors – which came with a lot of headache. I was recommended to mutual driving school by a good friend of mine and I’m so glad I chose them. My instructor, Jimmy, is the best!!! He’s very professional and teaches you at a standard that goes above and beyond average. He’s a fantastic teacher who always, and I mean always strives to make sure you’re learning, making improvements where necessary and definitely making progress. He’s an instructor who actually cares about the pupil and what’s best for them and I’m so happy to have passed my test yesterday!! If anyone is looking for a 1st Class instructor who is fair, honest, patient, will not waste your time and actually has your best interest at heart – Jimmy is the man for the job!! I couldn’t have done it without Jimmy and I’ll forever recommend mutual driving school to anyone in east London who needs lessons. Jimmy is a top notch instructor! ?? Thank you very much mutual. ”

Lorraine Nicholas (Hackney)


“I passed my driving test today!!! All thanks to Dave for being such an amazing instructor and teaching me everything I need to know for a short period of time. I had 10 hours of lessons and after 10 hours of lessons i was able to pass my driving test and i wouldn’t have done it without the help of Dave. I would recommend Mutual driving school to anyone. I would like to thank Mutual driving school for everything they have done for me and all the help they gave me.”

Anxhela Alla (Hackney)


“I thought the staff at Mutual Driving School were very helpful and friendly, the service provided was very good and I felt I was always looked after. My instructor Nathan was brilliant, he gave me confidence and always created a relaxed atmosphere, he is a credit to the driving school!”

Sandra Wallander (Bethnal Green)


“I would like to say I was very happy with the service I have received from Mutual. At extremely short notice they were able to provide a thorough intensive course and practical test booking within two weeks. The Instructor they provided was very professional and of extensive experience. All the staff at the office were very friendly, efficient and easy to deal with. I am pleased to say i passed my test on the first attempt. Overall, I would like to say a big thanks to Mutual Driving School.”

Anna Marie (Bow)


“My son Ben was learning to drive with one of your driving instructors Clifford, (we live in Wapping) I would just like to say a big “Thank you” to him for helping my son pass his driving test first time yesterday. He made him feel confident in himself and encouraged him all the way. I will definatly be using you again in a year and a half when my other son decides to learn to drive!! Please could you pass on our thanks to Clifford, Thank you so much”

Archie Stanton (Wapping)


“An employee of mine was due to go overseas within a month and needed an intensive driving course that would get her to test standard and pass both the theory and practical exams before she left. Mutual Driving School provided a very satisfying service, excellent communication with the office and the instructor meant that I was always kept informed throughout the course. I am pleased to say he passed both tests first time and in the time required!”

Mr Ken Drakou (Docklands)


” I was very satisfied with Mutual Driving School, everything went very smoothly. I chose the Intensive course as I had been driving for a while and thought an Intensive Course would best suite me. My test dates were booked by Mutual Driving School very quickly and I must say my instructor was the best!”

Nazmul Ali (Stepney, East London)


“Dear Mutual Driving School, I decided to go with Mutual as both my Mum and Dad past their test with you 20 years ago, I even managed to have the same instructor. I found the lessons so much fun and was learning to drive at the same time. I passed my driving test second time round, as nerves got the better of me on my first test. I would like to say a big thanks to my Instructor Russell for helping me become a safe and confident driver.”

Kelly Bowyer (Mile End, London)


“To Mutual Driving School: I found learning to drive very relaxing and felt very comfortable with my instructor and even managed a first time pass, great!!. All the staff at Mutual Driving was very helpful and would like to say Thanks to all. ”

Rokshana Begum (Whitechapel)


“Dear Mutual I am sending this quick note to thank you all so very much. I cannot remember the last time i dealt with such professional people everyone has been so kind, polite, and helpful. Although my daughter Ashley failed her test i can assure you this was nothing to do with Mutual Driving School it’s just down to Ashley’s nerves and unfortunately no one can help with those. It has been a delight and pleasure talking to all who have dealt with us either by phone or the actual instructors. Thank you so much”

V. Samain (Bow)