Saida Abdi
Saida Abdi
15:08 05 May 20
I passed my driving test in barking with my amazing instructor Jimmy. When first starting I had zero experience on the... roads. My instructor really took the time to understand how I processed things and in turn personalised his response in the way he taught me which really helped me grasp certain concepts quickly and easier, building my confidence. Communication is also great, as Jimmy and the team planned lessons which best suited my timetable in advance 🙂 I highly recommend Mutual Driving School!read more
Kristina Grigorova
Kristina Grigorova
11:02 03 Mar 20
Learnt to drive with Mutual and was impressed by their highly experienced instructors. They put me at ease and taught... at a speed which was appropriate for a new driver. They have a friendly approach and are very reliable with regards to keeping/changing appointments. Their cars are very clean and new. I'd highly recommend them. A million thanks for all the lessons which allowed me to pass my more
Kofi Ossei
Kofi Ossei
12:02 25 Feb 20
Just passed my driving test first time in barking with only two minors!!! I would like to thank my instructor Jake for... helping me manage my lessons throughout, taught me everything which gave me confidence to do well when it came to my practical. I would recommend Mutual to anyone willing to start drivingread more
A. Nicolini
A. Nicolini
10:30 22 Jan 20
I passed my driving test first time thanks to my amazing instructor Jake. I was on a bit of a deadline to pass (due to... moving house and having a baby) and Jake was very accommodating in fitting in all my lessons around my work hours. He was an excellent instructor, very thorough and calm and ensured I was excellently prepared for the test. I chose Mutual because of their excellent google reviews and I'm so glad I did. Would wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone considering to learn to drive in East London. Thanks a million again Jake! Annaread more
Zahra Brown
Zahra Brown
22:35 08 Jan 20
I just passed today on 8th Jan 2020. I still can't believe it. Thank you, Jake.I tried other driving schools before... Mutual Driving School. One instructor was very late (60 mins+) multiple times. Another instructor made phone calls during my driving lessons. After multiple bad instructors, I quit driving. I was fed up.In July 2019, someone recommended Mutual Driving School to me. She'd just passed with them. I decided to try driving again, so I booked a trial lesson. Jake, my instructor, was positive about me passing before the theory expired (Feb 2020). He was right. I passed today!Jake was a great instructor. He adapted to my nerves, handled my social anxiety well, and shared positive words when I was too hard on myself. I highly recommend him, especially if you have driving anxiety, generalised anxiety, social anxiety or you're an older driver.Good luck to any learners reading this. The hard work is worth it in the end!read more
Andrew Hamilton-Thomas
Andrew Hamilton-Thomas
17:25 17 Nov 19
Mutual driving is a professionally run and well-organised driving school with exceptional driving instructors. So much... so that I travelled all the way from Thornton Heath, Croydon to Mile End for my lessons.My assigned instructor James is the best driving instructor I’ve had to date and gets the best out of his students regardless of their skill level.I’d recommended this driving school to anyone in the London and Greater London area. I say this with pun intended, the felling is definitely Mutual 😉read more
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The company has yet to announce the price of a new deal in which Anbang would purchase an estimated 80 percent of the company.
Earlier this week Anbang said the price of the U.S. insurance division would be “under consideration” within the next several weeks.
Last week, ANZ Insurance Group, the world’s largest insurer, announced a U.S. investment from China’s HNA Capital in a joint venture that would create the world’s largest reinsurance unit.
The deal comes amid Chinese state-owned CNOOC-CMAC Holding as China steps up efforts to diversify its insurance industry by investing in more smaller private companies. China’s overall insurance sector has grown by nearly 100 percent between 2007 and 2013, driven by state-owned state-owned insurers that now comprise more than 40 percent of the market.
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ANZ Insurance Group is Anbang’s largest, with around 6,900 agents in 35 markets, the company’s global head of corporate communications Jan de Vries said.
At $12.6 billion, Anbang Insurance Group has a market capitalization of $20 billion. Its U.S. sales were about $13 billion in 2011 and just $2 billion in 2012, according to Anbang. Analysts estimate foreign private insurance sales to China’s $1.23 trillion market at between $1.34 billion and $1.40 billion a year and private sector sales at $546 billion.
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I passed my driving test on my 3rd attempt on 14th September. My first two fails were mostly down to nerves! My instructor Leah was amazing. She’s one of the sweetest down to earth people I’ve ever met. Without her patience, guidance and gently pushing me when I was throwing a strop because I’d stalled/couldn’t work out roundabouts or forgot to check my left mirror for the millionth time, I never would have passed. Having said that I will miss my lessons and having a good laugh/gossip every week while witnessing first hand some of the worst driving in London from other motorists! I definitely feel prepared to take on the driving world! Would 100% recommend both Leah and Mutual ❤️

Stacey Rolfe
5.0 rating

Peter is a brilliant instructor, who struck the perfect balance between teaching and guidance, and letting me get on and drive – wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to others, and appreciate his patience and positive, professional manner no end!

Giles Currington
5.0 rating

Best driving school on this planet . I’m an ex student of Russel and Clifford but I stopped taking Lessons in 2012 because I was facing some personal household difficulties.

Khatun Jarina
5.0 rating

Great driving instructor, Brian was really helpful and patient. He taught me to be calm and brought out my confidence very well and this helped me to pass my test first time. Would highly recommend to anyone who wants to drive and wants to pass their test first time.

Richard Kwame Kwarteng Ashong
5.0 rating

I had my lessons with Yusuf , he was helpful and guide me patiently Through all my lessons . Although it was my first time driving manual car and the first time to drive in UK , I passed at first attempt he make everything things easy with clear and understandable way . Thanks to Mutual driving School and I Highly recommended it to be the place to take your driving lessons.
Abdiqadir Warsame

Abdiqadir Warsame
5.0 rating

I recommend Mutual Driving School to anyone wanting to do their driving test in a good way. Especially Clifford, who is an incredible instructor. I give thanks to have had him as my instructor.
All the best!

Oliantai Kovac
5.0 rating

Would highly recommend Mutual, first class service. My instructor Matt was just great, very professional and a top bloke!!! Thanks again

Ian Dixon
5.0 rating

What an incredible driving school with fantastic instructors. It’s not a hype they really do get you to pass first time, I’ve walked away not only having passed my test (1st time) but knowing how to drive well and safely. Jimmy is a fantastic instructor he truly cares about his students and making sure they pass not just for the sake of passing but being safe and considerate drivers. I can’t recommend these guys enough. So, thank you Sam, Graham and of course Jimmy for all you help and patients. Now, don’t forgot to book your holidays through me

Britt-Marie Monks
5.0 rating

I would like to say thank you to Jimmy for getting my daughter through her driving test. Jimmy was very patient and made her feel at ease when she was anxious about driving.

Emma Oldham

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